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Name: Brian Gipson (email)     Date: 8/13/2015, 7:02
Comments: I'm thankful to God for this church and this site. Brother garret these sermons have been such a blessing to hear gods word preached while working. May God bless this church and pastor.

Name: Bro. Long      Date: 9/14/2014, 22:52
Comments: Good job Brother Garett.

Name: alexandrea bulandos (email)     Date: 5/24/2014, 17:09
Comments: Thank you pastor for the audio sermons posted here. I'm presently away from our church and these sermons reminds me of my priorities.

Name: Larry Killion homepage (email)     Date: 1/30/2012, 21:06
Comments: Thanks for the loan of your Pastor. Brother Long brought some good messages for us at TLBC for our 32nd Anniversary meeting. It was good to have fellowship with Sister Sharon and Benjamin too.

Name: connie (email)     Date: 11/5/2011, 17:23
Comments: we are in New York again. God Bless all our Bro. and Sis. Thank God for this web page.

Name: Nathan Long      Date: 9/28/2011, 18:08
Comments: Your site looks good. Glad to see it up and running

Name: Larry Killion homepage (email)     Date: 8/27/2011, 14:19
Comments: Nice job brethren. I found you through FaceBook and am happy to see another good source of Sovereign Grace Landmark truth on the web. AMEN!

Name: connie mason (email)     Date: 7/7/2011, 8:38
Comments: Hello to all from NewYork city,Thank-you bro Garret for this site,we enjoyed the morning message 7-20-11 and suggest all to listen to it,cocerning our attention on serving the Lord above all things.God Bless the church and Bro Kenny,see you'll soon Russ and Connie

Name: David VonDoloski (email)     Date: 5/21/2011, 5:49
Comments: Thanks for the effort Garett. These sites don't just happen.

Bro. Dave